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Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Attraction in Moscow, Russia

  • FloorCurl rocks
  • people playing floor curling
  • floor curling rinks and rocks
  • Floor curling rinks setup in a building
  • people dressed up in white costumes playing floor curling
How does an established and popular attraction elevate its activities to engage visitors in a new way? Street Curling rinks, and 6 of them. VDNHk, a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow, Russia, is continually innovating its offerings to provide guests with a unique experience. In Summer 2018 the idea to create a one-of-a-kind curling venue was established, in partnership with project management company Buro3k.
We worked with both VDNHk and Buro3k to envision a specific curling venue where visitors could enjoy the intriguing winter sport with no ice needed. From these plans the Curling Pavilion was born and plans to create the largest collection of Street Curling Rinks in the world was put in motion. The process from initial inception to opening day involved all aspects from designing to installation.
The Curling Pavilion found its home in VDNHk’s Winter Land which transformed the park into a winter wonderland. Curling complemented the other winter activities including a tubing slide and two skating rinks, creating a true festive experience.