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Wherever you are in the world we’ll make your brand rock with our dedicated curling services, including event production, brand marketing, and corporate events and activations using our “iceless” curling products.

Our goal is to create meaningful partnerships with companies, utilizing the Olympic sport of curling and strong marketing concepts to develop exciting and creative experiences that engage the client's target audience.
Rock Solid Productions owner Chad McMullan has been living and breathing curling since an early age and there's not much he hasn't done.

  • Received the 2019 Curling Canada Board of Governors Special Recognition Award for his extensive work to grow the sport of curling
  • Managed both the World Curling Tour and World Curling Players' Association
  • Ran the curling division of international sports giant IMG
  • Introduced the sport to South America for the first time ever
  • Developed Rocks & Rings, an in-school curling program that reaches just over 200,000 kids per year
  • Negotiated seven figure sponsorship deals
  • Executed promotions generating millions of dollars in media exposure
  • Designed best-selling curling footwear
  • Created the Internet's first "go-to" curling website (remember In the House?)
Between all that, he's also curled all over the world, won a few World Curling Tour events, and competed in two Canadian national championships.
Sound like someone who knows curling?


World Curling Federation

Rock Solid Productions Inc. is the Official Development Partner of the World Curling Federation